The Digital Breathing Machine


An engineered solution for recreating human breathing for test purposes

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The Digital Breathing Machine was developed to accurately reproduce human respiration.


This is the most advanced breathing machine available, enabling any breathing waveform to be reproduced to mimic the human breathing pattern.

It has been designed to reproduce anything a human can produce and beyond. It can breathe harder, faster and deeper than even the fittest human. It can reproduce everything from gentle sleeping patterns to maximum exertion. All this can be reproduced on demand and monitored under laboratory conditions.

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The Machine

Real world breathing patterns are not sine waves – unbalanced inhalation and exhalation are the norm.

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The Machine

The Machine


Most test standards around the world are still based a simple sine wave breathing pattern – a legacy of older mechanical breathing machines incapable of anything else.


Our machine is capable of more!

It can produce a simple sine wave output of between 0 – 210 (6Lx35) litres minute volume – well beyond human capabilities. But because it is not a purely mechanical machine, it can reproduce any waveform shape required, as long as the inspiration volume matches the expiration volume. This makes the machine suitable for development work as well as for standards testing.

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