Recording human breathing for reproduction (part 1)

Reproducing human breathing accurately can be required for a number of reasons in laboratory conditions. This requires a recording method that allows the free movement of airflow while recording that movement. One type of device capable of this is the “screen pneumotachograph”. This uses a small low back pressure screen through which the airflow is passed, back and forth. This produces a small back pressure across the screen, which can be measured with a differential pressure gauge or manometer.

A screen pneumotachograph diagram
A screen pneumotachograph

The two halves of the device can be separated and the screen removed for cleaning between test subjects (particularly important at this time). The differential pressure transducer provides a calibrated output that can be read by a computer data acquisition system.

With the Warwick Technology Digital Breathing Machine such a device can be supplied as an option. It takes the form of a screen pneumotachograph coupled with a rack mounting digital differential pressure unit. These are paired together with a UKAS calibration certificate.  The pressure unit can provide signals back through the data acquisition system built in to the machine. Recording and manipulation software is provided with the option.

Part 2


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