The Digital Breathing Machine

Digital Breathing Machine

The Digital Breathign Machine annotated
Interface box DAQ unit Air fittings ( 1 upper - 1 lower) Electric actuator Actuator control unit Main machine cylinder

Interface box

The interface box allows the machine to interact directly with other test systems via the DAQ system to enhance flexibility.

DAQ unit

Communication and control is performed by a high speed USB data acquisition system from National Instruments. The inputs to the machine are mains power and USB control signals only.

Air fittings ( 1 upper – 1 lower)

These are the air connections are provided to both sides of the piston allowing full flexibility of system installation and integration.

Electric actuator

The Electric actuator – This high precision stepper motor driven device is capable of driving the piston to create any airflow required via the interface system and the controlling computer software.

Actuator control unit

Actuator control unit – The control unit for the actuator is fully enclosed. All the wiring is protected to prevent accidental damage.

Main machine cylinder

Capable of 5 litres total lung capacity. The degree of respiratory dead space is fully configurable.